Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Album Leaks

Since technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, it is extremely difficult to prevent certain events from taking place, such as album leaks. It is common now for artists to expect that their album will be leaked previous to the date of their album release. Recently, Toronto based rapper, Drake, experienced this with his most recent album. The set release date was November 15, 2011, yet on the night of November 6, as he was debuting one of the songs, the album was leaked on the Internet.
Before reading this article I was positive that any artist would be very angry if this happened to them. However, I found it very interesting how Drake reacted in such a positive manner. Minutes after he was informed of the leak, he posted a tweet saying, "Listen enjoy it, buy it if you like it.... and take care until next time." When an album is leaked it allows the listener to judge the music before they purchase it, which can either benefit or hinder the sales of the album.


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