Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Therapeutic Benefits

There are many therapeutic benefits to music, that we may not have truly realized. As claimed by the American Music Therapy Association, “ music is curative and restorative for a wide variety of conditions, even as aid to help with physical rehabilitation and assisting those with disabilities”. Music therapy can help induce emotional pain, lower anxiety, lift spirits and help individuals sleep better. According to the American Cancer Society, music can help relieve aches, symptoms, while augmenting a patient’s joy and overall well being. With music widely recognized today as a medical tool, colleges throughout North America are now offering bachelor degrees in the field, as many people are interested in pursuing careers in music thanatology. While there is a significant portion of people who do not go as far studying music as a career in terms of pratical terms, there are definitely techniques that you don’t need a degree for. Enjoying music, discussing lyrics, writing music, playing and cherishing all contribute to therapeutic benefits and overall well being. (Sherman, 2007)

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  1. Hey Brit,

    This is very true. I believe strongly in the healing power of music when it comes to both individuals and cultures. There is a type of music for every emotional expression and music captures these feelings through its many different genres. I not only believe that music can act as a medical tool, but can also act as a tool for social change, like when Bob Marley wrote lyrics and sang for social justice.
    Great Post Brit!