Monday, 3 October 2011

U.S Supreme Court rules down on music downloading case.

This is a follow up to Alex's blog regarding the future of profitability in the music industry. The U.S supreme court recently rejected a case involving internet music downloading. ASCAP (American society of composers, artists and publishers) which represents 390,000 individuals, appealed to the US supreme court to restrict downloading by saying that downloading the works of their clients is a violation of their performances. In essence, it tried to connect downloading music to an actual performance. The court ruled that recorded music that has been downloaded does not constitute an actual performance.

The music industry has been forced to come up with new ways to be profitable ever since Napster was created. An example of this includes Vevo - a video sharing website - which is a partnership between Sony, Universal and EMI record labels. Many of us have seen Vevo on youtube.

In closing, the music industry, and in particular Record labels, have been forced to come up with new ways to gain future profit. How do you see the music industry growing in the future?

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