Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hi Everyone.

Recently Google released a series of information title the "Google Transparency Report". This document contains the data which Google collects about various information based concepts. The two areas currently addressed by this document are: historic information about traffic, and the reporting of national government requests to remove content, or block access of specific content, for users in a given country.

The information about national government requests is VERY interesting because it details each and every request which a government has made to prohibit content. It will tell you, what, when, and the outcome of nearly every such request.

We all know that Google records data on countless parameters related to our own personal internet and search usage, as well as the acts of nations, and general on-line trends. So far most types of this sort of information have been kept private to Google, for what is believed to be internal development. With actions like this, and Google Add Words, Google is handing the power of their data collection procedures back tot he public. They hope that the information is used for academic research , as well as the enlightenment of the common internet user.

This has nothing to do with the music industry; but I kinda bored of that stuff.

Check it out. Very Scary, but VERY cool.


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