Sunday, 27 November 2011


There is no question that the iPod has completely changed the world of music. One of the main reasons is the convenience and the actual tangible product itself. While the Sony walkman dramatically changed how users listened to music, it was the iPod that took it to the next level and revitalized how users listen to music. With the Sony Walkman, users were able to listen to music everywhere but the users still needed to carry around cassette tapes. Comparing this with the iPod, it allows users to listen to their entire music library without the inconvenience of having to change the cassette tapes in order to listen to a new artist. As the iPod simultaneously works in conjunction with iTunes, this application syncs and organizes your songs. iTunes also significantly changed the music industry as this was a new way of storing and organizing music.

In a more creative sense, the iPod also changed how users listen to music, as Apple introduced “shuffling”. “Shuffling” allows users to randomly listen to songs that are selected from their library. This was a new concept, that brought an entirely new dimension as individuals were able to listen to songs that fate has chosen for them.

These are just two of the main ways that the iPod has dramatically changed the world of music. Below is the full article that goes into more detail. A very interesting read overall.

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