Sunday, 20 November 2011

Social Media in the Music Industry

In today’s society social media has established itself as a norm and has become apart of our everyday lives. This is no different in the music industry, as musicians and artists are using methods of social media to connect with fans, other individuals, increase exposure, generate revenue and to overall use it as a tool. Examples of uses of social media include, Twitter, personal websites, interviews, exclusive giveaways, and many more. Twitter has become a hot commodity with celebrities and it seems as though everyone now has begun “tweeting”. Twitter is one of the more common methods of social media, as the individual can use posts to update us with anything that they may desire whether it is launching an update on a song, or actually anything they chose to put. Facebook fan pages is also a popular way of using social media to increase exposure, and to overall connect fans to artists and musicians. Many musicians and artists often hold question periods that allows fans to send in questions that they want answered, this is a great and common way that connects fans to their favourite artists and allows the fans to get to know the individual on a more personal basis. No matter what the labels, corporations and record companies are doing, musicians and artists are taking it upon themselves to use social media to connect with fans, users, and overall create a new discovered relationship.

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