Monday, 14 November 2011

Three Ways YouTube Has Changed the Music Industry:

In 2005 when Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim founded YouTube, there’s no way that the three of them could have predicted that they would change the music industry and ultimately the world. YouTube has revolutionized the entertainment and music world and as a result has brought the entire world together.

1.YouTube Has Made The World Smaller

With a single click, YouTube has given us the power to travel around the world and explore distant countries, and cultures. This not only pertains to music, but literally with everything in general. With a simple search we can see and listen to the native music of India, or learn about the culture of Brazil.

2.YouTube Helps People Get Discovered

YouTube has opened the doors for talent discovery. Prior to YouTube there has never been any easier time for talented singers, dancers and artists to achieve instant fame. Today anybody can post a video online, and as we’ve learned if the right person discovers you, then the potential to reach stardom could even happen over night. A prime example of this is Justin Bieber. When Justin Bieber’s mom uploaded some videos to YouTube so their family and friends could see, she had no idea that Justin would become the person he has become today.

3. The Convenience

With the access to the internet, anyone can go on YouTube, and from there the possibilities seem endless. YouTube offers countless musical and artistic material that can pertain to every individual. Whether it is listening to your new favourite song, watching an instructional video, learning from a dance and many more. YouTube makes it easy and convenient for users to be able to access the countless material that is displayed.

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